Park Medical NZ

Dr Luke Park. 닥터 루크 박. (전 아폴로 메디칼 근무)

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전화번호: 0210464360 이메일:

카톡ID: parkmedicalnz

진료비: 14세 이상 $47, 13세 이하 무료, 커뮤니티 서비스 카드 소유자 $19, 재처방전 신청 $20

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電話番号:0210464360 Eメール

LINE ID:  parkmedicalnz

診察代:14歳以上$47、13歳以下無料、コミュニティサービスカードをお持ち方$19、処方箋のみ$20 (二回目以降の処方申請に限る)

If you need a phone/video consultation, please contact me on Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm. Available anywhere in New Zealand for both consultations and prescriptions.

Mobile: 0210464360    Email:

Fee: 14 years old or over $47, 13 years old or younger free, Community Service Card $19, repeat prescription $20

(ACC is currently unavailable)


Having graduated from Auckland Medical school in 2014, since then I have worked at various GP clinics including Health New Lynn, Mairangi Medical Centre and Apollo Medical Centre.

I can speak English, Korean and Japanese.